Covenant membership

In the life of every church there are points when it becomes vital and life-giving to clarify its

identity and trajectory. In order to facilitate that clarity, and to invite our congregation more fully into the future growth and vision God has for us as disciples of Jesus, the Shelbourne Street Church of Christ has composed this document outlining the shape and process of membership in our church.

orientation class

We'll discuss the core values, vision and mission of the congregation; the covenant promises of the leadership; 

expectations of covenant members; and spiritual gifts and service. 

Following two-three group sessions, each participant has the opportunity to affirm their desire to be in covenant membership (written response). 

New members will be formally introduced to the rest of the congregation and prayed over by the leadership.

Please invest at least 3 months getting to know Shelbourne St. before considering covenant membership. 

Contact the office to find out when the next group is starting.