welcome to our hybrid service

April 28, 2024

It is wonderful to have you join our worship!

You can attend in person (details here) or watch live online Sundays at 10 am
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spiritual resources

Here are the resources on fasting Kelly mentioned in his sermon

    • Better able to hear God
    • A strengthened presence of the Spirit
    • Strength to resist temptation
    • Strength for ministry
    • Clarity of spiritual thinking
    • Insight into what is going on around you in the world and in people's lives
    • Ways to handle a life situation and call for God’s intervention
    • Better understanding of Scripture
    • Ways in which you might better serve
    • A group fast would bring us together
    • There would be alignment as we all focus on a better thing than food and filling our stomachs
    • We would get God’s attention with our seriousness
    • Relying on God to get you through hunger rather than buying food to satisfy
    • We would be giving up something we love (food), which means sacrifice, and in this we will be blessed.
    • It fulfills the idea of taking up our crosses and denying ourselves
    • We would have fellowship in fasting rather than food fellowship
    • It would allow us a concentrated time to pray for the church and its leadership, so. . .
    • Fasting leads to the filling of leaders with God’s Spirit who is accessed through fasting.
    • Start slow.  Work into it.  
    • Make sure you drink water.
    • Plan for fasting.  Start with one half day a week.  Same day; same time.
    • When you think about hunger, turn to prayer and reflection.
    • Make sure you invite the Spirit to be present.
    • Often sinfulness does not come upon us suddenly; fight temptation by choosing to fast.
    • Watch for those special times when communal fasting is called for.  Our church needs to plan more communal fasts; plan to participate.
    • Don’t be afraid to initiate it with others and ask them to fast, too.
    • What we need to do is follow through.