session 6 - pray for the family

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We'll be spending our time during this session in prayer.  

Pray for your family and pray for our Church family

– the leaders, staff, volunteers, ministries, families, outreach, and the hands and feet in our community.  

For our Shelbourne St family, specific people are listed below.

Also, boldly pray that God would reveal ways for you to become actively involved

pray for our leadership

Elders & their families:

Dan Hickman

Scott Jacobson

Mark Langley

Jordan Mann

Alan Morton

Deacons & their families:

Dave Anderson

Fay Hickman

Carol Kitson

Colin Mann

Diane Mann

Joan Mann

Marlene McClure

Kirk Roberts

pray for staff

Ministry staff & their families:

 Travis Hutchinson

 Daniel Patstone

 Victoria Lalonde

 Monique Cummings


Custodial staff & their family:

 Claudia Gomez and Asif Shamoon



Including: AV, worship team, communion leaders, first contact/greeting, grounds, maintenance, Sunday school, kids' time, youth group, youth board game club,  domestic missions, foreign missions, congregational meals, congregational events, finance, outreach/benevolence, Aberdeen rehab hospital, Camp Imadene, Spruston Road Bible Camp, LIFE groups, seniors’ ministry, college/careers ...