session 7 - reach out

isolation breeds isolation...

We see it all the time.  When we feel isolated we all tend to then further self-isolate ourselves, perpetuating our feelings of being alone and ostracized.  Then, in the largely self-imposed quiet, we can “prove” anything.  It’s painfully easy for all of us to do.  All of us.  So, let’s not fall into this trap.  During this time of social distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine, feelings of isolation and loneliness rise in all of us.  Fears of being easily forgotten, quickly replaced, and totally unknown.  

We are not alone.  We are not forgotten.  We are known.  Let’s recognize that not only do we feel that way, but most people around us feel that way.  That person that you know is “always fine”?  They’re probably not. 

so let's be family

Let’s not wait for our phone to ring, let’s not wait for a notification on our social media, let’s not wait for that text to ding, let’s not wait for something to show up in our mailbox, let’s reach out. 

Let’s be the hands without expecting a hand, let’s be the feet without expecting feet, let’s serve and not consider being served – Matthew 20:28 & John 13:1-17.

reach out

Go through your mind, 

go through the directory

go through the private facebook page, 

choose people you don’t usually interact with, people you may only wave at on Sunday mornings.  

  • Write notes/cards to twelve people and put them in the mail.
  • Write text messages to twelve people and send them out.
  • If you have facebook, send twelve facebook private messages to twelve people.
  • Call three people and tell them they aren’t forgotten and something you value them for.
  • Call one person and tell them how they have specifically influenced your life and your walk with God. Maybe it’s in how you run your businesses, how you serve at Church, how you parent, how you interact with your spouse, how you share Jesus with others, let them know the impact they have had on your life (they may not know!)

At the end, 

you will have been Jesus, in very real and tangible ways, 

to 40 people who deeply needed it!

god bless you

We hope this was a time of blessing and refreshment.

If you haven't yet, and you have the opportunity, go for a walk or sit in your garden and take the time to appreciate God's creation
(an integral part of any retreat).  

Also, don't forget to eat something yummy

(also a crucial component of the retreat experience).