session 4 - connect

READ REVELATION 5:8-14, PSALM 150, PSALM 95:1-7, and Luke 5:16   

Music is powerful, it is intimate, it inspires, it connects.

We write songs and sing them to those we care about, 

we sing words of love, adoration, thankfulness, amazement… praise. 

God deserves our praise through song and

we also can receive powerful reminders of God’s awesome nature through music. 

Click this link: Youtube play list

then hit “Play All”

Then listen to the words of the following songs, take them in, pay close attention to what’s being said, how that makes you feel, what emotions that brings up in you, what that makes you think about you, what that makes you think about God, and what that makes you think that God thinks about - when God thinks about you.

Get in a place (physically and mentally) where you can simply let the words wash over you and remind you of who God is and how God loves!