session 1 - Thanksgiving

read psalm 100:4-5

We value thankfulness in our relationships with our loved ones and we instill the need (first as a habit in order to cultivate a sense of meaning) for thankfulness in our children and in those we mentor. 

Often times, though, our own prayer lives turn towards wants, needs, “may I”’s and “please”.  As we have these moments of quiet, even if the moments are thrust upon us, we want to take the quiet and use it to listen.  We want to take these moments to re-center our thoughts on gratefulness and offer thanks to the one who “all good and perfect gifts come from” (James 1:17).


Say a prayer, thanking God for ALL God has done, is doing, and will do in your life.

Ask God to reveal to you (remember) the things you are most grateful for in your life.

say thank you

Write a thank you note to God.

Just say “thanks”.

Choose a few keywords, topics, or ideas that jump out to you about gratefulness towards God and what you are thankful for and write them on a separate piece of paper.  

If you have the ability, snap a picture of that page and share it to the private facebook group.