Do you like meeting new people?

 How about renewing acquaintances with people you haven't really visited with for the past two years? 

Do you like to eat?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Supper 8 is the place for you!


It can easily be couples or singles

 but the idea is for 8 people to get together for a dinner for 4 months.


The groups will be randomly selected and

one person (or couple) from each group will be asked to contact all group members

to find a suitable time to get together.


The group rotates homes each month so one person is not hosting every month.

Meet together, share a meal and  get to know your church family/get reacquainted

after our long separation.


September would be a wonderful time to get this started. 




We are excited to ‘sup’ with you!

what's it like to be a part of supper 8?


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frequently asked questions

  • Supper 8 is a different take on a relationship-building small group in a church congregation. It is a short-term, randomly generated small group designed to create and enhance a wide range of connections in the church and provide        opportunities for further relationship development among members.

  • Like its name suggests, the basis for Supper 8 is getting a group of 8 adults in the church community together for a series of meals. Through sharing time and intentional conversation together with members of the church you might not encounter as frequently, the Supper 8 concept gives us an opportunity to know more people in our congregation better in order to pursue further relationship. Supper 8 is designed to supplement the deeper relationships we develop in longer-term small groups, so you are encouraged to join Supper 8 even if you are involved in another small group.

  • Folks who sign up are placed into a group of 8 adults.  One person/couple will be asked to be a coordinator. That group of 8 people stays together for 4 months, during which time they plan at least one meal together a month (frequency can increase if the group is interested), ideally with a different host couple each month. Meal plan ideas are decided by the Coordinator or current host, and each person contributes in some fashion to the meal each gathering as they are able. After that 4 month period, people are added and reshuffled into new combinations for a new 4 month period, and the process continues. 

  • Anyone attached to Shelbourne as a member, attendee or visitor can sign up for Supper 8. There is no minimum time that you have to be here in order to be eligible.   This is about levelling the relational playing field, whether you've been here 40 years or 40 days. :)

    Anyone who is 18 years or older is eligible to sign up. This is for couples and singles, young and old, to get to know each other across life stages. Couples will be placed in groups together unless you specifically request otherwise.

    Ideally, Supper 8 is for adults to develop relationship together, but we realize families are an important part of relationship building. We will leave it up to each  group to  choose whether to include kids for their current rotation or not.  

  • A coordinator simply acts as the point person for initial group contact, helping to set the initial meal date and getting members in touch with one another. While not necessary, it is often convenient for the coordinator to also be the initial host if they are able.  Supper 8 is designed to be a shared leadership and involvement experience, so a coordinator should not feel that they have to organize the entire rotation unless they and the group are comfortable doing so. Fay H and Nicole H can provide direction and support for any questions or troubleshooting a coordinator might require.

  • Someone in each group will be asked to be a coordinator.   If you would especially like to be the coordinator, you are also welcome to volunteer.  Just let us know when you sign up.  

  • Feel free to contact Fay H or Nicole H with any questions you might have and we will be glad to explore it with you.