Being the church

when we can't meet face to face

As we love our neighbours by contributing to active attempts slow the spread of COVID-19

we will not be gathering at our building Sunday mornings.          

We are being given the opportunity to imagine being the church in new and redemptive ways

at a time when our world most needs to be shown love.  We are full of purpose.

    “God’s Spirit does not inhabit temples of wood and stone; He inhabits temples of flesh and bone.”

stay connected

Keep connecting with each other over the phone.

See the latest directory here.

Sign up for regular digital updates via email.

We also have a private facebook group set up to allow members to chat with, pray for, and encourage one another.  

Try out zoom, google hangouts, or skype to connect virtually.

keep serving

We will be redirecting our gifts from serving on Sunday, 

to encouraging each other in new ways. 

Our talented musicians, prayer warriors, speakers, writers, and teachers will be sharing through digital platforms.

This will include a weekly sermon and songs on the church  online page on this site.

Everyone is encouraged to phone a senior, run an errand, love their neighbour well, mail out cards, 

and start digital life groups or google hangouts.